Sunday, January 1, 2017

Backpacking Tent Camping | Camp Florida Everglades

Backpacking Tent Camping - Camp Florida Everglades 
February is the best time of year to Camp Florida Everglades, Backpacking tent camping retreats adventures expeditions in the Florida Everglades.
I am planning a canoe trip in February. This trip will include a retreat 3-5 days Feb 14 - 17, 2015 free camping and  day hikes meet and greet folks with the same outdoor interests on the River. Adventurers continue by invitation only 11-14 days with a canoe trip on Kissimmee River where we will set up camp. Fishing is world class, a Florida fishing licence is required bring your own small boat or canoe if you like. Canoe rental will be available as will other backpacking tent camping equipment. Use the comment link below for comments or questions.  join us. Backpacking tent camping | Camp Florida Everglades.

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